Hi there, my name is Jennifer Coté and it’s lovely to meet you! I’m a novelist and screenwriter by day, and here are some other fun factoids about me…

*I grew up between a cemetery and a farm on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts.

*I dropped out of high school at age 16.

*I’ve bartended and waited tables everywhere from Texas honky tonks to Carly Simon’s nightclub on Martha’s Vineyard.

*My feet will never forgive me.

*I ran, wrote, and produced the USA Network show Eyewitness, which was the first-ever Norwegian program adapted for American television and won a GLAAD Award for Best Limited Series.

*If I could live off Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, I would… That and pepperoni pizza.

*My favorite quote from a TV show ever was uttered by Sutton Foster in a deep-cut episode of Bunheads… “My philosophy: controlling everything and putting cheese on stuff.”

*Damn, would I love to have Sutton Foster play one of my heroines someday.

*I am a recovering perfectionist.

*I often unwind with really, really bad reality dating shows at night. The trashier and more scandalous, the better.

*I’ve had offices on the Universal Lot, on film sets in the middle of nowhere, and inside some really swanky Beverly Hills buildings made of marble and glass, but most days lately you can find me writing in my home office nestled inside a Northern California forest just a few blocks away from the ocean.

*It should be noted that most days I also write with my dog curled up in my lap.

If you are are a kindred spirit who has ever found solace in my characters and words, thank you for reading now and always. Please know that being a small part of your journey is one of the greatest honors of my life.

Jennifer Coté as a child
One more fun fact: this is me circa age five, a year of life in which I’m told I woke up every morning singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” to a mix of cheers and grumbles from the autobody shop in the alley outside my bedroom window.